Sunday, March 14, 2010

Swine Flu And Doughnuts

We had our monthly community 4-H meeting and I had put together some vocabulary words for all the kids so we could work on our livestock terminology. On the beef and horse paper was the question "what is 1 disease you should vaccinate your animal for?" Tanner put swine flu on both papers. I about died....I didn't realize how much I have not taught my own kids. Then when Breck was asked what gestation was he replied "a type of doughnut".......where did he even come up with that? I guess I have my work cut out for me.........

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Slap Jacks on the Corner

My big boys have been really into card games lately and the two favorites are, kings on the corner and slap jack. Jace came into the office today and wanted to play "slap jacks on the corner." It ended up being just slap jack except for he got to look at the card before he laid it down.......which I tried with no avail to convince him he was cheating, he told me "well, that's how I won mom." What to do with this boy............?

Irish Rovers

I love these 2 songs by the Irish Rovers. My Papa had a tape and he would always play it for my sister and I when we were little and would go somewhere with was the highlight of the trip! So fun to have it on my blog!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Valentines Day was a month ago and I am finally just changing my background. I really need to stop doing holiday themed backgrounds, because I am horrible at changing them..........

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Arizona was soooooo fun! I have decided that life is way too short to live in Idaho all winter. It was 70 degrees while we were there. We got to go on some cool rides out in the desert. The cacti there were way cool. They say everything in the desert there will either bite, poke or stick ya and they weren't kidding! We stayed during the week in Humbolt with the Richards'. George is a 7 time NFR qualifier and won it 1 year. It was really cool for Sid and Breck to rope with him and get some roping tips. We spent the weekends by Phoenix. It was so cool to see all the oranges, grapefruits and lemons growing. We also got to see some radishes being harvested which was neat. Sid and Breck both roped really well. On New Years Day, Sid won the 12 gold plus and won a new pair of gold spurs. He wants to wear them, but they are way too pretty and are going on the wall. Breck won the dummy roping there and won a new buckle. The other 3 boys stayed with my parents and had a great time snowmobiling up their cabin. I'm already ready to go back next winter!

Las Vegas

I just realized that I still has Christmas music on my blog and had never done a new post for our trip to Las Vegas.......I need to stay home more! So our trip to Las Vegas was great! I love Las Vegas at NFR time, there are soooo many cowboys and the atmosphere is amazing! We got to do some really fun things and meet some really cool people.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Breck was interviewed a few months ago for a magazine called, Belonging. It is a magazine for the Hemophilia community. We just got our copies and he is on the cover of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were soooooo excited. It is a super cool article! There are so many people in the hemophilia community that would consider us nuts to allow Breck to ride a horse (and have a tramp, and dirt bikes and on and on). But, I hope that we were able to help some families that have young children with Hemophilia to see that it isn't the end of the world and there are so many options out there for these kids. Yeah Breck!

Trip To Vegas

Con roping his first 3 qualifing steers at the World Championship Dummy Roping

Breck and Sid's team roping run at High Desert Junior Rodeo

Con doing the "barrel trot" on good 'ol Casper

Con dummy roping to win the buckle


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